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Standing desks and our outdated affiliation with them

Historical past of Standing Desks

Stand-up or Standing desks have change into more and more standard in recent times as analysis has highlighted the dangers of prolonged sitting. Many individuals who’ve learn quite a bit about this pattern imagine that standing to work is a brand new sizzling fad. Though the standing desk could seem like a current improvement, it has been round for a while. Shoppers have realised through the years that preserving their our bodies wholesome at work promotes productiveness and focus, in addition to quite a lot of bodily well being benefits reminiscent of lowered ldl cholesterol, a decreased probability of coronary heart illness, diabetes, and extra.

Standing desks and our old association with them.



How lengthy has it been in existence?

Whereas some dismiss the stand-up desk as a fad, it’s a tried-and-true software with a prolonged monitor file of confirmed success. Standing desks’ newfound reputation isn’t a lot about reinventing the wheel as it’s about rediscovering it. The standing desk, such because the one provided by Oplan, has been utilised by a number of the best brains in human historical past to enhance themselves and their society, from leaders to intellectuals.

However, like with so many different issues, all the pieces outdated turns into new once more. For many years, they’ve been one in all an ideal man’s secrets and techniques. We’ll by no means know when the primary standing desk was used, though it’s possible across the 1400s. Leonardo da Vinci is meant to have created quite a few further improvements whereas standing at a standing desk, together with flying machines and the armoured vehicle. Along with being utilised by one of many world’s best painters, the standing desk had its premiere on the College of Cambridge, one of many world’s oldest universities (based in 1209). The notion of writing whereas standing was raised to the forefront of mental considering when standing desks had been first reported in a library in 1626.

Standing desks had been utilized by a couple of folks within the 18th and nineteenth centuries, though they turned more and more widespread all through that point. The bulk had been within the homes and workplaces of the wealthy. As an alternative of particular person desks chair for every worker, workplaces within the nineteenth century incessantly used shared sitting/standing desks. Standing desks had been often utilized in academic lessons. Dr. Ludwig Wilhelm Johannes Kotelmann characterised the scenario as follows:

“Lately, it has been claimed that an excessive amount of sitting, even on the correct sort of workstation, damages the stomach organs and circulation. In consequence, desks that could be configured for each standing and sitting are proposed. These are not often obligatory for decrease and intermediate programs because the pupils right here rise when questioned and tumble round madly on the playground throughout breaks. They’re extra suited to the highest crust of society.”

Employees who sit all day have change into extra standard as America turns into extra industrialised, and many roles have been changed by machines. In reality, sedentary employment has elevated by 83 p.c in america since 1950, with bodily lively jobs accounting for simply 20% of our workforce.

In keeping with new analysis, sitting for lengthy intervals will increase our threat of hypertension, weight problems, heart problems, and doubtlessly most cancers. In consequence, a rising variety of people are reviving the notion of standing whereas working, culminating within the present “standing desk motion.”


Individuals who have utilised a standing desk all through historical past


Leonardo da Vinci (Italian)

Whereas nobody can declare to have invented the standing desk, it’s assumed that Leonardo da Vinci was the primary recognized consumer. He painted the Mona Lisa whereas standing at his standing desk, it has lengthy been claimed.


Napoléon Bonaparte (France)

Standing whereas working has psychological and artistic advantages which have expanded from England to France. The standing desk was adopted by Napoléon Bonaparte, who discovered it to be beneficial to fast considering and army technique.


Friedrich Nietzsche (Germany)

Friedrich Nietzsche, is a thinker, political thinker, and poet whose concepts are nonetheless related in right this moment’s philosophical debates. Not solely stood to work, but in addition strongly believed that seated employment was pointless: “How rapidly we determine how somebody got here up with their concepts; whether or not it was whereas seated in entrance of his inkwell with a clenched stomach and his head low over the web page — during which case, we’re by along with his e-book as effectively!”.

You’ll be able to assure that squashed intestines like closet air, ceilings, and narrowness, disclose themselves.


Phrase of the Day

With such historic titans in entrance of us, one would count on that the standing desk would have been extensively adopted a lot sooner. Sadly, basic recognition didn’t come till science proved that it was a life-or-death situation. Though standing workstations had been as soon as solely accessible to the prosperous or the eccentric, they’re now accessible to anyone who needs one. There are numerous choices available on the market to match the calls for and budgets of labor and residential workplaces, and they’re prone to be significantly extra user-friendly. The well being advantages that standing workstations present haven’t altered, and this ergonomic furnishings pattern will undoubtedly proceed sooner or later.

Surprisingly, extra folks haven’t shifted to standing desks sooner, but it surely’s higher late than by no means, as one other saying goes. Be part of the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, Thomas Jefferson, and Winston Churchill of their pursuit of greatness. As we speak, struggle the hazards of sitting and benefit from the bodily and psychological benefits of a standing desk.



Standing desks and our outdated affiliation with them is a function publish 



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